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We Need To Talk About Pumpkin Spice

Leave pumpkin spice alone!

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Every fall, a great war rages on that divides friends and ruins relationships in homes throughout the nation.

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Bad blood is an understatement.

It's called the pumpkin spice war and it's actually pretty serious.

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Like very, VERY serious.

Some fight viciously against it...

Pumpkin spice everything is garbage and you are all insane.


...while others will defend it to no end.



Well, it's time to listen up folks 'cause I'm here to settle this debate once and for all.

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Are you listening? LISTEN.

Pumpkin spice is in-fucking-credible!


There's no fighting this opinion, I'm sorry.

For one, it's undoubtedly delicious!

*slurps loudly*

It tastes just like fall feels and you can have it in virtually anything your pumpkin-shaped heart desires.



*chokes while stuffing 10 into my mouth at once*

Your tastebuds will thank you for treating them this kindly.

It's the season of giving thanks, after all.

It's also insanely festive.


Ask yourself, if fall comes and you don't consume any pumpkin spice, did fall really happen?

The answer is NO.

I don't make the rules.

Pumpkin spice season also makes for a great excuse to take some 🔥 instas.

The world must know where you stand on this issue!

It's important to show your friends how much better you are than them for loving that sweet, sweet P.S.L.

Girl werq!

Sure, some people may call this unrequited pumpkin love "basic"...


...but if being basic means a season of pumpkin-filled happiness, then count me in. 🎃❤️


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