16 Heroes The World Never Deserved, But Desperately Needed

    There is SOME good left in this world.

    1. This RA who lived up to his promise:

    Back in August my RA asked us how he could make our year better and I asked him to read me a bedtime story on my birthday

    2. This person who had a very important message to share with the world:

    3. This person who was dedicated to making her friend shine:

    4. This cow that wasn't about to sit around and become a burger:

    Cow escapes on way to slaughterhouse, smashes metal fence, breaks human's arm, and swims to uninhabited island where she still lives https://t.co/VK1p1CvrVu

    5. This pizza man who unknowingly delivered some happiness to a few kids:

    Just delivered pizza to a elementary school and all of the kids started a “pizza” chant as I walked in and put it on the table. Was giving out high fives on the way out, felt like the fucking man

    6. This spider that can solve your fly problem:

    7. This person who turned single-ply to something much more manageable for everyone:

    8. This guy who didn't have to do this, but is a literal saint:

    the hero we needed but didn’t deserve

    9. This guy who creates wholesome videos on Pornhub:

    I’ve found it, the kinkiest thing on PornHub.

    10. This bird that saved this guy's checking account:

    11. These girls who are single-handedly defeating creeps:

    There’s three hungover girls on the table next to me, dissecting last night. From what I can gather, they have a communal PAYG phone whose number they give to creeps, and then laugh at all the thirsty messages later. I wish I had the authority to award them the Nobel prize.

    12. This mom who does as she pleases:

    Some people sneak candy into the movie theater. My mom sneaks in corn on the cob

    13. This person who created the invention of the century:

    And this is why I believe I should be the next president of the United States of America.

    14. This person who unknowingly rebelled:

    when you dont realize youre getting pulled over...

    15. This man who naps with cats at his local cat shelter:

    Facebook: safehavengb

    16. And finally, this guy who got his girlfriend a custom cake after she landed a job as a maternity nurse: