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    17 Reasons You Don't Need Kids Because You Already Have A Niece Or Nephew

    "They're going to be the reason I go into credit card debt."

    1. For one, discovering that you're going to become an aunt or uncle is like winning the lottery. OK, maybe not the lottery, but it's pretty close.

    2. You always get to be the cool aunt or uncle and leave all that pesky "strict" parenting stuff to the parents.

    3. People will show you photos of their kids but you secretly know that your nephew or niece is much cuter...and smarter, and better.

    4. Speaking of cute, your Instagram stories and feed might as well be an account fully dedicated to them.

    5. People often think the kid is yours when you take 'em to the store and you never correct them.

    6. But when the kid starts to get fussy or cry, you hand them back to their parent so you don't have to be the one dealing with all that drama.

    7. You often relive your childhood by showing them the toys you once loved.

    8. You always tell people that you watch Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, PBS Kids for their sake, even though everyone knows you're watching it for you.

    9. You spend more money on endless gifts for them than you have for yourself in the last 10 years.

    10. In fact, you can't even walk past a baby store or a toy section anymore without wondering if you should "just take a look."

    11. You have no shame in buying them the most annoying toys because you're not the one dealing with the aftermath.

    12. You always spoil them and treat them like royalty in the hopes of becoming their favorite aunt or uncle.

    13. If they learn something small, like how to tie their own shoes, you treat it as if they just won the Nobel peace prize.

    14. If they live in a different city, you force their parent to put them on FaceTime way too often so you can see their beautiful face.

    15. You love attending their birthday parties because you get all the cake and zero of the hassle of putting an entire children's party together.

    16. If you do choose to have or adopt kids one day, they prepare you for both the good (the hugs) and the bad (dirty diapers).

    17. And finally, even though they're not exactly your kids, they're still your family and you'll love them no matter what.