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17 Moms Who Deserve A Fucking Medal In Texting

"Let me hide the body."

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1. This mom who's not entirely wrong:

smadalinski / Via

2. This mom who doubles as a news alert:

_pure_gold_baby / Via

3. This mom who doesn't know her:

4. And this mom who does:


5. This mom who is simply concerned:

6. This mom who's got a shovel on hand:

7. This mom who's less than excited:

dbpksora / Via

8. This mom who's just discovered some "OK" music.

dasnibley / Via

9. This mom who isn't getting along with Siri:

10. This creative mom:

11. This mom who can't catch a break:

12. This mom who just wants to keep her son in the know:

HelenOfTroyKeller / Via

13. This mom who must have some fancy floors:

14. This mom with a scenic view:

15. This mom who acts quickly:

aknecht25 / Via

16. This mom who's NOT laughing:

17. And finally, this mom who has no time to waste:

nicholemarieandrews / Via