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    21 People Who Struck Gold At A Garage Sale

    Maybe you too can one day find a book that's as old as sliced bread.

    1. This beautifully intact vintage Burberry trench coat:

    2. This sunburst clock that was too gorgeous not to take home:

    3. These new Dr. Martens boots that retail for well over $100:

    4. This ~vintage~ champagne:

    5. This book that's older than sliced bread:

    6. These Le Creuset pots and pans that retail for over $200:

    7. This iMac that might be outdated but still runs perfectly fine:

    8. This old Ronald McDonald bench statue:

    9. This Kitchen Aid mixer that costs wayyy more than what it was sold for:

    10. This cooler that is just really nice to look at:

    11. This Cerevélo bike that retails for between $1,200–1,600 and was purchased for $100:

    12. This beautiful cobalt blue astronomy book that's well over 145 years old:

    13. This working Gameboy Color and collection of games:

    14. These brand-new pairs of '80s Converse:

    15. This World's Fair ring from 1934:

    16. This cool candy machine:

    17. This wooden Superman figure that's older than some of your grandparents:

    18. This old Samsung phone that is similar to Neo's in the Matrix sequels:

    19. This 1914 cash register that is just so beautifully detailed:

    20. This kitchen knife that retails for well over $100:

    21. And finally, this West Elm chair that was purchased for the best price of

    H/T: r/ThriftStoreHauls