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    21 People Who Deserve "The Most Hated Roommate" Award

    Living alone doesn't look so bad now.

    1. This person who invested their money unwisely:

    2. This person who will never see this car again:

    3. This person who spread some chocolate frosting around in the shared bathroom:

    4. This person who froze their roommate's ice cream to the freezer:

    5. This person who took advantage of their roommate's fear of clowns:

    6. This person who now has a pet chicken:

    7. This person who basically tried to give their roommate a heart attack:

    8. This person who told their roommate there was a "leek" in their bathroom:

    9. This person who created their own infestation:

    10. This person who just wants to watch the world burn:

    11. This guy who tried to put a wrench in date night:

    Roommate has date coming by later and asked me to clean bc he's not home. So I made a Princess D shrine in his room

    Via Twitter: @deno_tron

    12. These people who brought in literal sand and transformed their roommate's bedroom into the beach:

    13. This person who made some "juice" using powdered cheese:

    14. This person who had a lot of time on their hands:

    15. This person who taped an air horn to the wall:

    16. This person who apparently wanted to make sure their roommate never has kids:

    17. This person who built an intricate snow wall around their roommate's car while he was on vacation:

    18. This person who is, at the very least, paying their rent:

    19. This person who's smart, but evil as hell:

    20. This person who managed to transform The Wizard of Oz into a horror movie by putting this outside their roommate's window:

    21. And finally, this person who brought home a shopping cart for...reasons: