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    17 People Who Deserve To Be Banned From Every Store Ever

    Let the retail workers breathe for once.

    Shopping — it can be fun, distracting, and, well...let's not mention what it does to your bank account.

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    1. And part of shopping means trying on the clothes, so I'm just here to remind y'all that leaving your messes behind in fitting rooms is childish and must end right this second.

    2. If you're one of these people, here's some simple tips: Once you're finished trying on your clothes, keep what you like, and put back what you don't. Rocket science? Nah.

    3. Stores sometimes even have an attendant who will take what you don't like, or a rack outside the rooms where you can hang the unwanted clothes up. Wow!

    4. And if they don't have either, guess what? You can just put things back where you found 'em!! WHAT A CONCEPT.

    5. And if you're thinking, "The mess was already there, what's one more pair of pants?" Well Jeffrey, no one asked you.

    6. Now, I've never worked retail, but I can't imagine how damn annoying it must to constantly clean up after very capable adults.

    7. I always say I haven't completelyyy given up on faith in humanity, but honestly, who even knows anymore.

    8. I'll never understand it. Just seeing a photo of this pisses me off.

    9. And to my folks who are trying on dress shirts and have to deal with those annoying ass pins, the best case scenario is not to coat the floor in them.

    10. Or to stick them in the walls like it's a Lite-Brite. Yes, sometimes a store doesn't have that convenient cushion, but there HAS to be a better solution than this.

    11. Someone has to deal with this. If you're not thinking of that person, then I'm gonna need you to google, "What is compassion?"

    12. If you're a person who has to deal with this daily, I'm so sorry.

    13. You deserve better than this.

    14. Just to make sure the rest of y'all heard me right, I'm gonna repeat myself: STOP. MAKING. MESSES. IN. FITTING. ROOMS.

    15. It's unnecessary, creates trouble for the retail workers, and personally stresses me out.

    16. Thank you for listening, and hopefully you learned a valuable lesson in human decency today.

    17. And don't get even me started on people leaving actual garbage in the fitting rooms.

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    You're lucky I chose not to include the photo of someone's pee bottle.

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