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23 Tweets From Mindy Kaling That Will Make You Laugh And Say "Same"

"I now think a raccoon is hot."

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1. When she realized that trends are a trap:

2. When she encountered some shady rabbits:

3. When she was caught red-handed:

4. When she offered up this holy phrase:

5. When she stanned Dora the Explorer:

6. When she conversed with a literal monster:

7. When she celebrated the 4th of July in style:

8. When she proved comfort CAN be classy:

9. When she cracked the secret to true love:

10. When she offered up sage advice to everyone except Tom Ford:

11. When she made the "small stuff" seem so much bigger:

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @mindykaling

12. When she wrote the perfect script to literally every date in LA:

13. When she destroyed oatmeal lovers everywhere:

14. When she saw Guardians of the Galaxy and had this saucy thought:

Marvel / Via Twitter: @mindykaling

15. When she basically fell in love:

16. When she showed that exercise has its faults:

17. When she didn't want to be excluded from this narrative:

18. When she shared just how "Hollywood" she's become:

Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @mindykaling

19. When she held her own poll:

20. When she saw the latest Star Wars and asked for a nickname:

21. When she called her friends out:

22. When she got peer-pressured by some art:

23. And finally, when she couldn't understand how adult friendships even came to be:

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @mindykaling

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