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You Haven't Lived Until You've Tried An Elote

Love at first bite.

We've all tried corn on the cob.

It's delicious and completely worth having a corn-filled smile for.

But there's only one way to eat corn that is truly greater than all the rest.

I'm talking about the elote.

Elote is Spanish for "corn," but it's so much more than your average corn on the cob.

It's what separates the basic-ass kernels from the GREAT ones.

This Mexican treat begins with a delicious roasted, boiled, or grilled corn on the cob.

The corn is first coated with a layer of melted butter, followed by a delicious mayo spread.

It is then rolled through a big pile of crumbled cotija cheese...

...and topped with a chili sauce or powder, which gives it that extra POW.

The corn is finally drizzled with lime juice and you'll question how you ever lived without this.

This godsend is a popular Mexican street food that is often sold by vendors and has obviously changed many lives worldwide.

Elotes make children smile...

...bring friends together...

...and even have other species begging for a taste.

Those who question this delicious combo are missing out, because in reality...

...true love actually comes coated in mayo, cheese, and chili.