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13 Facebook Things That Are Way Too Real If You Have A Latina Mom

"El face" is her world and we're all just living in it.

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1. When she confuses her timeline for a private message:

Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed / Thinkstock

2. Or when she uses yours to air out some much needed info:

Pablo Valdivia / Cristian Labarca / CC / Thinkstock / Via Flickr: huasonic

3. When she feels like she has to share every religious photo or risk burning in hell:

Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed / Ben Amstutz / CC / Via Flickr: infinitewilderness

4. When she tags you in a motiviontal poster that only remotely relates to you:

Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed

5. When she keeps a close eye on your every move:

Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed / Hendrik Terbeck / CC / Via Flickr: terbeck

6. When she becomes "that one tía" to one of your cousins:

Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed / ¡Carlitos / CC / Via Flickr: carlitos

7. When she checks in just about everywhere:

Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed

8. When she asks about every person she can't recognize:

BESOS CAMPESINOS / Mario Miqueles / CC / Via Flickr: mariomiqueles / Flickr: besoscampesinos

9. When she brags about you every chance she gets:

Nathan Gibbs / John Bollwitt / CC / Via Flickr: audihertz / Flickr: nathangibbs

10. When she loves herself enough to like her own status:

Eduardo Aguayo / CC / Pablo Valdivia / Via Flickr: aguayoki

11. When she doesn't fuck around with photos she didn't approve of:

Diego Quevedo / Mateo Barrios / Pablo Valdivia / CC / Via Flickr: perritopuerco / Flickr: ddq

12. When she's still figuring it all out:

Alejandro Ortiz Sotomayor / CC / Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed / Via Flickr: alejandroos

13. And finally, when she expresses her unconditional love:

Pablo Valdivia / Eduardo Aguayo / CC / Thinkstock / Via Flickr: aguayoki

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