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    21 Priceless Drunken Notes, Including "Name Ur Dog Ice"

    "The Cha Cha Slide is mind control."

    DISCLAIMER: I wish I could make these up, but these are from the very REAL minds of people who had one too many drinks. Enjoy!

    1. This tipsy entrepreneur:

    2. This conspiracy theory:

    3. This chill name:

    4. This sad truth:

    5. This person who recorded the highlight of their night:

    6. This philosophical thought:

    7. This self pep talk:

    8. This twist on 4K:

    9. This shocking confirmation:

    10. This devious plan:

    11. This valid inquiry:

    12. This person who pissed off a succulent:

    13. These strong words of encouragement:

    14. This Natasha Bedingfield stan:

    15. These ideas provided to you by whiskey:

    16. This...thought:

    17. This angry reminder:

    18. This regret:

    19. This reminder to look back into your camera roll:

    20. This person who's green with envy:

    21. And finally, this useful life skill: