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    15 Huskies That Live For The Drama

    *Screams in husky*

    Huskies — you know 'em, you love 'em. They're one of the most majestic and beautiful dog breeds around, but if TikTok has taught me anything about them lately, it's just one thing...

    Manuela Klaeui / Getty Images

    ...they're also DRAMATIC. AS. HELL. They're basically just giant screaming snow babies, and I live for it.


    When you want the front door open to see when dad gets home #fyp #foryoupage #husky #huskiesoftiktok

    ♬ original sound - viceugenio

    So now that you know to set your volume to low (sorry), here are 15 more yelping and dramatic huskies for your viewing pleasure:

    1. This husky who encapsulated the 2020 mood:


    “Is it because I said I was leaving?” #fyp #foryourpage

    ♬ original sound - viceugenio

    2. This husky puppy who got themselves into a predicament:

    3. This husky who either really loves or really hates Billy Joel:

    4. This husky who's sick of selfies:

    5. This husky/alarm clock combo:

    6. This husky who was just doing some casual vocal exercises:

    7. This husky who saw water and protested:

    8. And this husky who had no choice but to get wet:

    9. This husky who was misled:

    10. This husky who is totally against the eight-hour work day:

    11. This husky who could double as a citywide emergency siren:

    12. These huskies who stopped their performance as soon as they knew they weren't alone:

    13. This husky who should totally be allowed to nibble:

    14. This husky who really knows how to hold a note:

    15. And finally, this husky who witnessed a betrayal right before their very eyes:

    TikTok videos not playing for you? You might need to change the settings on your device — here's how.