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    15 Things That'll Make Anyone Raised Catholic Say "Holy Shit, That's My Mom"

    Talking during mass is deadlier than you think.

    1. Your mom would wake you up at an ungodly hour for mass.

    2. And then refuse to hear even one excuse come from your mouth.

    3. You've gotten this look burned into your memory:

    4. You became a human Barbie for her during your first communion...

    ...but you just sucked it up, because whatever she says goes.

    5. When it came to confession, she knew the most effective way to get you there required force.

    #GrowingUpCatholic parents dragging you to confession like

    6. You would always find some sort of religious item in your belongings and would know EXACTLY who it came from.

    7. She would make your living room look like the inside of a cathedral.

    8. And she would solve life's problems by sprinkling a bit of holy water on 'em.

    9. She redefined "impossible" because God said she could.

    10. You couldn't date anyone if they didn't know Hail Mary by heart.

    11. She wouldn't hesitate to label one of your weird interests as "Satanic."

    12. And refused to have any of that ungodly stuff go down in her house.

    13. Every Friday during Lent you'd wake up to this exact text.

    14. She could probably build a 700-page book with the number of flyers she saved.

    15. And finally, she always knew how to have your back, no matter what.