Devi's Hot Dad In "Never Have I Ever" Has Taken Everyone's Quarantine Thirst To New Levels

    Mohan can appear in my dreams any day.

    Note: Some mild spoilers ahead.

    If you've seen Never Have I Ever on Netflix, then you already know that literally everyone on that show is too beautiful for words.

    But you know who stole my heart two seconds in? Yep, Devi's hot dad.

    And you know whose heart got torn to shreds when he literally DIED two minutes in? Mine.

    I thought I'd have to mourn my 10-second-long relationship with Mohan, but lucky for us all, he appeared as an apparition and in flashbacks.

    I never thought I'd be this horny for a ghost, but in quarantine, anything is possible.

    And you know what? I'm not the only one who's trying to summon him.

    I really thought I was watching Never Have I Ever for Paxton Hall-Yoshida turns out it was for Mohan Vishwakumar

    my mom googling the actor who plays the dad in never have i ever because she wants him to be her second husband

    y’all deciding whether you’re team ben or team paxton? bitch im team DEVI’S DAD LIKE PERIOD #neverhaveiever

    wow i fell in love w/ this fine ass dad in never have i ever and then boom they killed him off within the first 3 minutes of the first episode

    This fine man is played by none other than actor Sendhil Ramamurthy, and sir, you are welcome to haunt me any day.

    If he looks familiar to you, well, that's because he's been in a billion other things, like The Flash and Heroes. But it's important to note that he also played Ravi on The Office, who was Kelly Kapoor's fiancé.

    Who was gonna tell me that the dad from never have I ever is Ravi from the office?!?

    Mindy Kaling (who co-created Never Have I Ever) knew exactly what she was doing when she brought this man back into our field of vision.

    And it wasn't just his looks that made him hot. He was also the greatest dad to ever live.

    every time there was a dad scene in #NeverHaveIEver i was full on crying he is just the sweetest

    He comforted Devi in her dreams...

    ...taught her the importance of patience and hard work while hyping up a tomato...

    ...introduced her to the harp...

    ....and defended her when things became tense with her mom.

    Mohan is the complete package!

    I know there's a whole lot of Team Paxton/Team Ben/Team Steve/Team Prashant floating around, but I'd just like to say I'm Team Mohan all the way. Thank you for listening.