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Posted on Feb 24, 2015

Definitive Proof Lady Gaga's Stage Show Will Never Be Topped

Mother Monster forever.

Let's face it, Lady Gaga deserves every YAAAS that comes her way.

V Magazine

She is nothing but PURE FIRE and works hard to create an iconic world around every single one of her performances.


Her stage show has been described as an "electro-pop opera" that guarantees fans both an incredible visual and audio experience.


The Monster Ball tour broke records for a debut artist because she's THAT good.

And you'll NEVER pay to see her lip sync at a show.

JayVz / Via

She's all about a powerful entrance.


Pop star starter kit: Large white curtain, projector, fog machine.

Even if it means coming out of a human-sized egg.


Or a "vessel" as Gaga calls it.

She's not afraid to bleed to death on international television.


Or play a piano that is LITERALLY on fire.


That wig could have easily caught on fire but she powered through!

Only Gaga could go from being a human canvas for a vomit/paint mixture...



... to this ethereal angel sent by Jesus himself.


She's really into being a canvas on stage... because she's a WORK OF ART.

Charles Sykes / AP Images

Her outfits prove that even a bra can ignite a conversation.


And that no one has looked this good in a seashell bra since Ariel hit the scene.

Joel Ryan / AP Images

The hair is a performance in and of itself.

VEVO / Via

Even when the hair is in her hand and not head.

John Shearer / AP Images

She risks her life battling fame monsters on stage.

sepirts3 / Via

And transforms your everyday piano into a giant gold stiletto.


Even other pop superstars want to share the stage with this force of nature.


Elton and Xtina transformed themselves into Gaga clones too.

For those that think that Gaga is all about the look and not the voice, take a gander at this.

View this video on YouTube

And this.

View this video on YouTube

It speaks for itself.

Little monsters continue to remember her concert six years after the fact.

How the hell am I still having monster ball 1.0 withdrawals... It's 2015... #pcd #monsterball

Christian Says@ChristianSaadFollow

How the hell am I still having monster ball 1.0 withdrawals... It's 2015... #pcd #monsterball

2:37 PM - 09 Jan 15ReplyRetweetFavorite

And even celebrities today agree that Gaga's still serving up all sorts of realness in 2015.

Gaga is a fearless performer whose creativity knows NO bounds. You'll never know what she's brewing up in that perfectly styled wig next.

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