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    27 Killer Design Choices That Are Exactly That — Killer, And Not In A Good Way

    Maybe don't make a Christmas tree out of sharp, large pieces of glass...

    1. This fan that lives a double life as an arsonist:

    2. This USB charger that's got some questionable wiring going on:

    3. This parking lot that may cause you to spontaneously combust along with your car:

    Sign: "Sunlight reflected from building concentrates heat in parking lot and may cause vehicle damage"
    u/treeziebreezieBU2FL / Via

    4. This sink that is hungry for hands:

    5. This shower that'll pull you into another dimension:

    6. This telephone pole that is just chillin' in the middle of the road:

    7. This staircase that makes no sense:

    8. This torch that'll burn your lips off:

    9. These mixed messages:

    10. This electrical box that gets showered more than it needs to be:

    11. This bike path that is everything but a path:

    12. These stove knobs that were carelessly placed:

    13. This staircase that will have you gambling with your life each time you walk downstairs:

    14. This pond that hopes you come home drunk one night:

    15. This pot that has a second-degree-burn feature:

    16. This deck that is out for blood:

    17. This chair-and-deck combo that apparently hates the elderly:

    18. These camouflaged bumps in a bike lane that are a lawsuit waiting to happen:

    19. This secret door that's hiding an entire fire hydrant:

    20. This chair that comes with a built-in weapon:

    21. This "Christmas tree" that is anything but jolly:

    22. This conveniently placed hand dryer:

    23. This school that I hope never catches fire:

    24. This glass that is good in theory but bad in practice:

    25. This car that is just asking to cause a pileup:

    26. These scented scissors:

    27. And finally, this hotel door that has a toxic relationship with the heat lamp above it:

    H/T: r/DangerousDesign and r/CrappyDesign.