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21 Things Everyone Who Grew Up Breaking Piñatas Knows To Be True

Dale, dale, dale

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1. When the piñata resembled something that crawled straight out of the pits of hell.

2. Or looked nothing like the character they were supposed to represent.

3. When the broom or mop had to be disassembled just so you had something to break it with.

4. When your uncle or older cousin all of sudden became the most hated person at the party as soon as they controlled the piñata.

5. And they would fuck with you any way they could.

6. When you tried your best to see through the life-ruiner that is the blindfold.

7. And had to somehow compose yourself after being spun around for five minutes.

8. When everyone from your baby cousin...

9. your 70-year-old grandpa had to take a swing.

10. When there was always that one kid who refused to break it, and then probably cried.

11. And the one little cousin who obviously had no self-control.

12. When someone inadvertly used the stick as a weapon, posing a threat to everyone and everything.

13. When you questioned whether or not you were too old to even be hitting it all.

14. When there was one piñata that seemed to survive 100 hits too many.

15. When you already knew what was in the piñata before you even arrived to the party.

16. But were sometimes pleasantly surprised by those who didn't resort to generic fillers.

17. When you were handed an old grocery store bag to collect your candy with.

18. Or had to resort to more intuitive measures.

19. When you fought for your life Hunger Games-style just to get a piece.

20. Even if that meant fighting your own family members, no matter how old they were.

21. And finally, when you compared your stash to everyone else's to make sure you truly were the ultimate winner.

Despite going through all that work for a piece of candy... would never trade this tradition for anything in the world.

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