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    16 Horrible Crimes Committed Against The Spanish Language

    "Our house" ≠ "Nuestra caca"

    1. This item that was apparently made inside a living, breathing turkey:

    2. This gas station that wasn't very ~anal~ about the "ñ":

    Twitter: @SAndion

    "Win free gasoline for one anus."

    3. These cell phone chargers that are probably a little shitty:

    kinggsoto / Via

    "Shitters of cellphones."

    4. This trifling attempt at Spanish...

    bigjhuanosto / Via

    5. ...and this sign that didn't even bother trying at all:

    6. This children's book that teaches alt-facts:

    nelly_jelly_sancheese / Via Instagram: @nelly_jelly_sancheese

    7. Whatever this is???:

    Nata Luna / Via Flickr: natalialove

    "Please turn far away downpour when you are done."

    8. This store that's got a wonderful section for "them":

    gussied81 / Via


    9. This sign that came up with a new twist on Marco Polo:

    10. This liquor store that really knows how to please its customers 💦:

    11. This bathroom sign that decided to get creative halfway through:

    marisa_areli / Via

    12. This game that doubles as a fertility app:

    13. This festive sign that's got a bit of word vomit:

    14. This homework that gets an A for effort:

    kathyvbarnett / Via

    15. This clothing tag that is bien chulo:

    Twitter: @DiegoJParra

    "Hand is washing, no whitening no falling, iron cute."

    16. And finally, Google Translate itself:

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