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    Posted on Jun 22, 2017

    15 Times The Class Of 2017 Made Me Say "Is Someone Cutting Onions In Here?"

    "As we go on, we remember..."

    1. When these photos proved that a mother's pride never dies:

    2. When this dad penned this touching letter:

    3. When this teen showed the world that immigrants do it better:

    4. When this art project stood the test of time:

    5. When this final walk happened:

    6. When this forward thinking grandma made sure she could be there in spirit:

    7. When Michael Brown's mom proved that it's never too late to graduate:

    Congratulations to Lezley McSpadden, the mother of Mike Brown. She received her high school diploma at age 37. It's…

    8. When this graduation became a family affair:

    9. When this graduate gave us a glimpse into his very bright future:

    10. When this mom did THAT:

    11. When this grad hustled his way through school:

    12. When this single father made it through for his children:

    13. When this mom proved everyone wrong:

    14. When this teen took her first step in adulting:

    15. And finally, when this teen dedicated her success to her grandma:

    Congrats, class of 2017!


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