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    20 Photos That'll Break Your Brain And Make Your Eyes Hurt

    Don't let your eyes deceive you.

    1. No, this girl isn't stuck in the concrete:

    Hint: Look for a wall.

    2. Yes, there are four people in this photo:

    Hint: Sometimes camo is THAT good.

    3. No, there isn't a ghost hand coming out of the chair:

    4. No, this isn't gravel and tiny bushes:

    5. Yes, this is one photograph:

    6. No, your vision isn't getting blurry:

    7. Yes, this man is, in fact, sitting inside the boat:

    Hint: Look for a knee.

    8. No, this dog isn't buff:

    Hint: This buff dog is booty-ful.

    9. No, this chair isn't missing part of its backrest:

    Hint: The chair is occupied.

    10. No, this garbage bin isn't floating:

    Hint: The "shadow" is a little too wet to be one.

    11. Yes, this guy has a head:

    12. Yes, this leg belongs to a whole human:

    13. No, there isn't an alien invasion happening here:

    14. No, this cat isn't walking around with a chunk of its body missing:

    15. No, those aren't her legs:

    Hint: She's not wearing pants.

    16. No, this isn't a hallway:

    17. No, this man doesn't have a baby arm:

    18. No, this parking garage doesn't have a road to another dimension:

    19. No, this person doesn't have Shrek ears:

    20. And finally, no, the Bulls logo isn't this sexy...or is it?

    H/T: r/Confusing_Perspective