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    21 Photos That'll Make Your Brain Feel Like It Got An Intense Workout

    If you think you have trust issues, just wait until you question your own eyes.

    1. This isn't an arm:

    2. This newborn doesn't have a giant toe:

    3. This isn't the ocean:

    4. This cow isn't eating a calf:

    Reveal: Those legs you see coming out of its mouth are the cow's own back legs. They just blend in well.

    5. This isn't a bag with legs:

    6. This isn't a dog with a human face:

    7. This isn't a bunch of snowy mountains:

    8. This isn't a person resting their head:

    9. This car isn't floating:

    10. This isn't a raw chicken:

    11. This sheep isn't leading a mule:

    12. This isn't a flying saucer:

    13. This semitruck isn't actually carrying anything:

    14. This cat isn't actually in a box:

    15. This dog doesn't have a human body:

    16. This car isn't holding up a light post:

    17. This isn't the cat's shadow:

    18. This isn't a cat:

    19. This person isn't rocking heels:

    Reveal: If you can't see it, the "heels" are the chair's legs.

    20. This iguana doesn't have a terrifying face:

    21. And finally, this cat doesn't have tiny arms:

    H/T: r/confusing_perspective.

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