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    21 Cats Who Know They're Adorable Jerks And Are Proud Of It

    A cat's curiosity won't kill them, it's coming for you.

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    1. This cat who was looking to expose their owner:

    u/kenlayne / Via

    2. And this cat who didn't hold back on that shower curtain:


    3. This cat who may just be a secret genius:

    The World’s Worst Cat has discovered that he can wake the big people up by barging into the toddler’s room at 6 AM and waking *him* up.

    4. This cat who waited until their owner wasted some paper before coming home:

    u/bree613 / Via

    5. This cat who didn't give a damn about architecture, even in ancient times:

    u/matt_604 / Via

    6. This cat who was just looking for drama:

    u/The_Forest_Corgi / Via

    7. This cat who just wants to be seen:

    u/EUOS_the_cat / Via

    8. This cat who became the owner of their very own car:

    u/GuyYeti / Via

    9. This cat who didn't want visitors:

    Guys maintenance tried to visit my house today and only left this on the door I'm crying

    10. This cat who found a face pillow and went into full murder mode:

    “I couldn’t breathe when I slept so I installed a camera”

    11. This cat whose evil plan didn't go as expected:

    u/CreatrixAnima / Via

    12. This cat who just wandered in and made themselves at home:

    u/Tunkin / Via

    13. This cat who went climbing and suffered the consequences:

    u/lilknotty123 / Via

    14. This cat who made a foot spa of their own:

    u/uralva / Via

    15. This cat who just wanted to be the only baby around:

    u/AxlCobainVedder / Via

    16. This cat who played the ultimate game of hide and seek:

    u/rrachy / Via

    17. This cat who saw free water and went for the opportunity:

    u/smallstruggler / Via

    18. This cat who said, "I don't care about your stupid Zoom call":

    When you start recording a midweek video update for the team and your cat comes in the window #workingfromhome

    19. This cat who lived on the edge:

    u/wingman2111 / Via

    20. This cat who was just being petty:

    u/MinimumLeadership / Via

    The sign reads, "Cake!!! Up here so Allie does not sit on."

    21. And finally, this cat who found the world's most expensive bed:

    H/T r/CatsAreAssholes

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