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    Carpeted Bathrooms Prove That Just Because Something Is Trendy Doesn't Make It Right

    I hope you're not eating right now.

    1. This bathroom that you just know has some deadly black mold in it:

    jamiboi_123 / Via

    2. This bathroom that is doing TOO MUCH:

    jbird2525 / Via

    3. This bathroom floor that I doubt is clean enough to touch:

    SoDakZak / Via

    4. This bathroom that has seen some shit, literally:

    Am I high or is a carpeted bathroom the weirdest thing ever

    5. This bathroom that matches the bedroom:

    mitchytroar94 / Via

    6. This bathroom that said, "You thought the floors were too much? Hold my purse":

    LukeV18 / Via

    7. This bathroom that had carpet on carpet:

    citadelinn / Via

    8. This bathroom that probably used to have a white carpet:

    FireyPhoenix190 / Via

    9. This bathroom that appears to have been absorbing liquids for centuries now:

    Invinciberry / Via

    10. This bathroom that is brave enough to be a light color:

    landon1397 / Via

    11. This bathroom floor that appears to be clean...but is it?

    Crimson_Flux_ / Via

    12. This bathroom that'll get you sick in .002 seconds:

    ttbigZ / Via

    13. This bathroom that is being saved from its misery:

    hellomebob / Via

    14. And finally, this toilet seat that deserves to be burned alive:

    phatposer / Via