This Gorgeous Man Proves You Don't Need Water To Get Wet

    Dirty boy, indeed.

    If you're always thirsty, drop the water because I've got something much more satisfying!

    His name is Maluma, he's a Colombian singer/songwriter, and he's the reason I have trouble sleeping at night.

    Only this beautiful man can rock the "I'm too sexy for a shirt, but I'm also cold so I'm wearing a coat" look.

    And don't even get me started on that smile only a mother could love (yea, my mom thinks he's hot too).

    Even Shakira can't help but to creep up behind him.

    But she'd be crazy not too, just look those thighs.

    Keep looking.

    OK that's enough.

    But of course, he's more than his good looks. He also sings beautifully...

    ...loves his mom dearly...

    ...and OK I can't stop stop thinkin' about his bod! HE'S TOO HOT I'M SORRY.

    He also cleans up quite well...

    ...and looks great when we lay in bed together.


    If Maluma isn't your new crush by now, please get your eyes checked...

    ...because this man es pura magia. ✨