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19 Boyfriends Who Will Make Yours Look 1000x Better

*Deletes Tinder*

1. This boyfriend who can't seem to find his way to a trash can:

areyouasmoker / Via

2. This boyfriend whose room is a fire hazard in the making:

cripplednarwhal / Via

3. This boyfriend who put a bare piece of butter into his girlfriend's dirty fridge:

How_you_like_meow / Via

4. This boyfriend who cut an avocado like it was a damn apple:

jgo215 / Via

5. This boyfriend who used someone else's clippers, clogged the sink, and didn't clean up it up after he was done shaving.

3x10 / Via

6. This boyfriend who left his girlfriend's chips out like this for 24 HOURS:

sf1592 / Via

7. This boyfriend who's an actual monster:

fobwwegirl / Via

8. This boyfriend who doesn't quite understand why paper towels are perforated:

zly-wplyw / Via

9. This boyfriend who unnecessarily murdered a napkin:

allisonprice / Via

10. This boyfriend who's got the world largest collection of iPhone notifications:

503503503 / Via

11. This boyfriend whose shirts are probably stretched out in strange ways:

HandlesThings / Via

12. This boyfriend who needs to look at his toothbrush under a microscope:

suicideseatbelt / Via

13. This boyfriend who doesn't quite understand why there are holes in his wallet:

AmieKinz / Via

14. This boyfriend who got a blind from another window and thought it would blend in real well to this one:

OnceAHawkeye / Via

15. This guy who put Kraft singles onto his girlfriend's homemade tortilla chips:

Lovestoothpaste / Via

16. This boyfriend who left a knife just chillin' like this on his desk:

Skittleone / Via

17. This boyfriend who was asked to run a bath for his girlfriend:

Sinisterkid1992 / Via

18. This boyfriend who doesn't give a shit about consistency:

BrokeArtMajor / Via

19. And finally, this boyfriend who should never be allowed around a sandwich again:

LivingwithRobots / Via

H/T r/mildlyinfuriating

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