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    Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Mar 2, 2016

    18 Hilarious Tweets For Anyone Who's Faced The Wrath Of The Chancla

    Welcome to the scariest story of all time.

    1. When you realize you royally fucked up:

    2. When you unwillingly summon your mom's favorite weapon...

    3. ...see your life flash before your eyes...

    4. ...and then play the most dangerous game of hide-and-seek ever:

    5. When you use Matrix-style survival tactics:

    6. And when you pretend that you're not even bothered:

    7. When you realize you're no Kardashian:

    8. When la chancla hurt so bad it felt like a goddamn nopal:

    9. When you have to become your own attorney:

    10. When you realize the importance of a good education:

    11. When the chancla turns your face into a Picasso-inspired masterpiece:

    12. When even the dog knows what's up:

    13. And then fucks with you any way it can:

    14. When it begins to show up in your everyday life:

    15. When you get your cardio in at the most unexpected times:

    16. When your parents try to make it about themselves:

    17. When even a public space isn't safe:

    18. And finally, when there are some stories just far too scary to tell:

    Norberto Briceño / BuzzFeed

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