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    17 Bathrooms That Were Apparently Designed With Chaos In Mind

    You can almost smell the mold through the screen.

    1. This bathroom stall that has a forbidden view:

    2. This bathroom that managed to have the most useless stall door ever made:

    3. This Airbnb bathroom that has its own unnecessary floor:

    4. This bathroom that's just one big mold party:

    5. And this bathroom that took carpet to the next disgusting level:

    6. This gap that looks like a whole HR violation:

    7. This bathroom sink that comes with built-in caca stains:

    8. And this bathroom floor that speaks for itself:

    9. This sink that saves space...but at what cost?:

    10. This bathroom that definitely has seen its fair share of pee in its sinks:

    11. This bathroom that couldn't be bothered with privacy:

    12. This bathroom that doesn't need to be this creepy:

    13. This bathroom that was apparently designed in 10 seconds:

    14. This bathroom mirror that has lost its purpose:

    15. This bathroom design that is one big headache:

    16. This bathroom door that requires you to enter it sideways:

    17. And finally, this bathroom that is flawed in more ways than one:

    H/T r/CrappyDesign