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    19 Showers That Were Built With No Thought In Mind

    Common sense is apparently a scarce resource.

    1. This fancy shower that has probably caused a few head injuries and broken limbs:

    A shower designed to be as hard to stand in as possible from CrappyDesign

    2. This hotel room shower that wants to leave you with a big water damage bill:

    The shower in my hotel room floods the entire bathroom unless I put towels right next to it from CrappyDesign

    3. This rigid shower head that sprays everything but the person showering:

    My mom had her guest bathroom remodeled while she was out of town. She wanted the shower head up high so tall people didn't have to crouch or lean way back. Came home to find this, which shoots the water straight across to the opposite wall. from CrappyDesign

    4. This shower window that gives the neighborhood a show no one asked for:

    A shower window with optimal height from CrappyDesign

    5. This NYC shower that happily sprays your curtain, but not you:

    a shower in an nyc bathroom from CrappyDesign

    6. This shower rod that can't even serve its sole purpose:

    The shower curtain rod that can rust from CrappyDesign

    7. This shower that will quite literally kill you:

    Power outlet next to a shower head from CrappyDesign

    8. This dorm shower that doesn't care about privacy:

    Shower in my friend's dorm. There are two showers, but only one entrance. from CrappyDesign

    9. This shower that was designed badly, but built impressively:

    I cringe every time I step foot in this shower. from CrappyDesign

    10. This shower that is trying too hard to be different:

    This shower has blinds instead of curtains from CrappyDesign

    11. This shower that shouldn't allow you to take someone hostage:

    The shower door in this changing room can be locked from the outside. from CrappyDesign

    12. This gym shower that is a little too creepy for my taste:

    Women’s shower has company logo at chest level from CrappyDesign

    13. This shower that requires way too much effort to get into:

    Im disabled and this is my bathroom, two steps and a drop to get into the shower/bath. Very safe 10/10 from CrappyDesign

    14. This shower that hogs up all the (soggy) toilet paper:

    Saw this beauty today.How does someone shower without making the toilet paper soggy? from CrappyDesign

    15. These stairs that undoubtedly have colonies of mold living underneath them:

    Carpeted stairs to shower from CrappyDesign

    16. This shower that requires two PhDs to operate:

    My hotel shower from CrappyDesign

    17. This shower door that is out for blood:

    Heavy sliding glass shower door. Almost sheared my finger off by opening quickly. from CrappyDesign

    18. This shower that wants you to break an ankle:

    Mmm... how can we increase the odds of falling in the shower? from CrappyDesign

    19. And finally, this palm tree shower design that looks murderous:

    This wall design for a shower from CrappyDesign

    H/T: r/CrappyDesign

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