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17 Very Bad Toy Designs That'll Make You Say, "Oh, OK...Wow"

Fun fact: Gollum wears fishnet underwear.

1. This doll that's got such a real life expression on her face:

KikiHatesYou / Via

2. This box that's straight from the depths of hell:

The-Almighty-Elf / Via

3. This Spider-Man that's a little too excited to be riding his lil' car:

nnovl / Via

4. This Gollum that's into the whole fishnet underwear look:

DeliciousRoreos / Via

5. This plush kangaroo that's clearly part tadpole:

ChameleonOfDarkness / Via

6. This tight anu...I mean, Titanus:

Clanginandbangin / Via

7. This fox that's been in the cold a little too long:

theblondepenguin / Via

8. This dog toy that has a battery pack in a questionable place:

apfotenh / Via

9. This ice cream truck that's selling more than just ice cream:

poeticallyinverse / Via

10. This cash register that is more aggravating than anything:

john_sheehan / Via

11. This shitty piece of bread:


12. This Sandy Cheeks toy that's screaming, "KILL MEEE":

OctavianBlue / Via

13. This...thing:

azumarillo / Via

14. This Hermione action figure that deserve its own spin-off film:

android752000 / Via

15. This dog with hair that looks like an exposed brain:

qwertyboi76 / Via

16. This dinosaur with freakish human hands:

tiduscrying / Via

17. And finally, these Human Centipede-inspired elephants:

Comochin_Gas / Via

18. H/T r/CrappyDesign

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