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    19 Items That Apparently Took Half A Brain Cell To Create

    That gurgling sound you hear is my blood boiling.

    1. This gross dish rack:

    2. This useless toilet paper:

    3. This paper bag that hurts my soul:

    4. These elevator buttons that would make my anxiety rise:

    5. This toilet that requires you to poop or pee sideways:

    6. This apartment building guide that can hardly be called a guide:

    7. This box that said, "Figure it out yourself":

    8. This table that DEFINITELY has molding food in it:

    9. This light switch that plays a game of Where's Waldo? each time:

    10. This address sign that thinks it's being high art:

    11. This car that shouldn't be this dramatic:

    12. This coffee machine that no uncaffeinated person will figure out:

    13. This microwave that requires a PhD to operate:

    14. This bridge that brings the river to you:

    15. This barbecue that releases those tasty toxic fumes in your food:

    16. This elevator that keeps you on your toes:

    17. This soldering iron that leaves you with a little memento on your finger:

    18. This laptop that gets unnecessarily stabbed:

    19. And finally, this bus stop button that drivers must LOVE:

    H/T r/CrappyDesign