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    29 Christmas Decoration Fails That Are Worse Than You Think They Are

    It's the naughtiest season of all.

    1. This Santa slide that wasn't built this way by accident:

    2. This crappy tree:

    3. This Santa that's got some nefarious things in mind:

    4. This Christmas tree that's a little too nutty for me:

    5. This Yoda who is a little too excited to show you his lightsaber:

    6. This ornament that looks like it was harvested from a human body:

    7. These Christmas trees that are sure to fill any space nicely:

    8. This Christmas sign that's going through a rough time:

    9. Same goes with this Spanish translation:

    10. These snowmen that look a little too happy:

    11. This Mount Crumpit typo that probably wasn't a typo at all:

    12. This "Crsmshita" sign:

    13. This recycled Halloween decoration:

    14. This Santa sign that doesn't know what it wants:

    15. This table mat that Grandma loves for a reason:

    16. This festive toilet paper that has no choice but to say "Oh" when it realizes what it's being used for:

    17. This baby Jesus figurine that's seen better days:

    18. This floor mat only Dr. Dre would enjoy:

    19. This nativity scene that's straight out of the Conjuring series:

    20. These Christmas lights that ride hard for the holidays:

    21. This wreath that was found in my bathtub:

    22. This neon sign that wants to wish everyone a HAPYPHODAYLIS:

    23. This confused holiday towel:

    24. These lights that are two seconds away from creating an unintentional fireworks show:

    25. These polar bears that are just making sure they don't go extinct:

    26. This "wisemen" sign:

    27. These reindeer that took after The Human Centipede:

    u/Ros3GoldXoxo / Via

    28. This coded message:

    29. And finally, this questionable dog outfit:

    H/T: r/CrappyDesign and r/CreepyDesign.