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19 Arguments Anyone Who Grew Up With Siblings Had

World War III: Sibling Edition

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1. When you argued that you were in fact the favorite of the family.

Bravo / Via Twitter: @tessmess7

2. When you caught them rummaging through your room...

3. ...refused to ever let them touch — let alone borrow — your stuff ever again...

4. ...and quickly realized they'll never truly respect your belongings anyway.

5. When you gave each other pet names that neither of you asked for.

6. When they refused to share any of their food with you.

Funamation / Via Twitter: @Zuccros

7. And then nearly starved you to death by later eating all of YOUR leftovers.

Apple / Via Twitter: @punkthetic

8. When they were two seconds away from getting their finger broken off.

9. When the fight for the remote made you resort to Hunger Games war tactics.

10. When they just couldn't leave you the hell alone.

Bravo / Via Twitter: @osojoana

11. When they disobeyed your very loud "SHOTGUN" and had to face the consequences.

12. When they acted like the computer had their name all over it.

Bravo / Via Twitter: @seanlmao

13. When you came close to dragging them straight out of the shower.

TheMostPopularGirls / Via Twitter: @arlyyn_

14. When they tried to pull out the receipts on you...

15. ...and so you took the phrase "snitches get stitches" to heart.

16. When they thought it was real clever to get at you only when your parents were present.

17. When you were craving that sweet, sweet revenge after they tore you down.

18. When one of your siblings thought it was perfectly OK to flirt with your friends.

19. When you told your sibling that they WISHED they looked as good as you.

And even though some battles may get heated, you'll still have one another's backs no matter what! ❤️

Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @growingupsister

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