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18 Arguments You've Definitely Had With Your Latino Parents

Strict is an understatement.

1. When they forced you to wear your pantuflas around the house or risk catching a fatal illness.

2. When you asked to go out for the second night in a row and they called you a "callejero sin verguenza."

3. When you said you started seeing someone romantically.

4. When you offered to help your mom out and she came at you with this an hour later.

5. When all you wanted was a snack but your mom yelled "¡EL PISO ESTA MOJADO!"

6. When you just wanted to be low-key at a party but your parents made you greet that one cousin who won't ever shut up.

7. And then when they refused to leave even after you begged them to.

8. When you wanted to go to a sleepover and were told, "Sleepover? Aquí tienes cama."

9. When your parents invited people over and you had to get the house cleaner than a hospital room...

10. ...and it was, of course, never clean enough.

11. When you questioned whether Jesus ever had to wake up that early on Sundays.

12. And weekdays weren't any better.

13. When they told you to turn off your Nintendo but you were just doing your math homework on your fancy calculator.

14. When you begged not to speak to whichever family member was on the other side of the phone.

15. When you tried to convince your parents to get fast food even though you knew there's "comida en la casa."

16. When you accidently spoke during Walter Mercado's segment and heard the loudest "CÁLLATE" known to man:

17. When "ponte un suéter" wasn't a suggestion, it was a threat.

18. When there was no way to argue your way back outside after being told that "esta casa no es un hotel."

And even despite it all, they've still got your back no matter what.

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