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    17 Accidental Camouflage Photos That'll Make Your Brain Implode

    We can all be chameleons if we try hard enough.

    1. They aren't missing half of their body:

    2. This person isn't carrying a headless body on their back:

    3. This pile of logs has a furry friend:

    Reveal: The middle pile has a sleeping cat on top.

    4. This man doesn't have an invisible leg:

    5. They aren't barefoot:

    6. This dad isn't a part of the painting:

    7. This man isn't in a glass chair:

    8. Their middle finger doesn't have a tail:

    **Reveal: **It's a baby rat.

    9. This isn't just an empty floor:

    **Reveal: **There's a cat walking across it.

    10. This woman isn't floating in mid-air:

    11. This cat isn't freakishly long:

    12. The rug has more than just a table on it:

    **Reveal: **Look at the floral design next to the right leg of the table.

    13. This tire is actually attached to a car:

    Reveal: The car is polished and reflective, so what you're seeing is the side of the car (door and tire) on the left, and the actual garage on the right.

    14. This isn't an empty blanket:

    Reveal: Look at the second crease from the right, and you'll notice a slight change of texture in there. That's the leaf.

    15. This car seat is actually occupied:

    16. This isn't the bottom of the bowl:

    17. And finally, there aren't just three people here:

    Reveal: The arm on the left is actually in camo, so this isn't so accidental.

    H/T: r/AccidentalCamouflage