• orca9999

      “Also it appears liberals still are not realy [sic] ‘accepting’ (nothing new).” So, with your world view, you are now equating educated rational people as “liberals”… Or perhaps all agnostics? Apparently “liberal” is a world in your world view clearly means anyone not of fundamental evangelistic background with far-right political views. In which case you just described 75% of the worlds population. You sure all the parts were put in when you were created? Not a few screws left over?

    • orca9999

      “The answer is actually pretty simple: God is not of this universe.”: Humm convenient, moving the goal posts. In reality this is the same issue as the initial answer given by creations.  What evidence do you have to make the claim “God is not of this universe”? By this logic, my child’s imaginary friend was real. “Did you draw on the walls?”, “no it was my invisible friend”. “OK can you let me talk to your friend?”, “no silly only I can see her”. “So the ink on your hands is not from drawing on the wall?”, “no I don’t know where that came from, it must be magic”.

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