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    • orahm

      I had just gotten a new credit card in the mail that week, my sister wanted me to come to her for the weekend. When I went to go pay for the train to go see her my card didn’t work. I had forgotten to activate it. I left the train station got home and my sister was furious. I promised her I would come the following week. I decided I’d be bold and taken the bus instead of the Train. I get to the bus stop and get on the first bus I see. I called my sister to tell her I’m on the bus and on my way to her turned out I was on the wrong bus and the bus is pulling out I started to panic because I was unfamiliar with the city and I didn’t want to get lost. All of a sudden this guy come on the bus all huffy and puffy asks me if he can sit down. Reluctantly I moved all of my bags off the seat and let him sit next to me. We got to talking and sure enough a year and a half later were still together…