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J.K. Rowling Is Actually All Of Your Favorite Authors

It's come as quite a shock that J.K. Rowling, recently found to have published a book under a secret name, is actually author to some of the most unlikely classics*. *Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

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She recently admitted to having authored the entire Twilight series as well, stating: "I just thought Harry Potter could use a little competition. Of course, I knew it wouldn't be as awesome."

When asked if she had written any other popular books, Rowling listed the following as works she wrote but just didn't really feel like taking credit for at the time:

"Pretty much anything that's been a best-seller," stated Rowling, "yea - I wrote it."

"Oh, you know how it is. I lie about my age to maintain the secrecy of the classics that I've written." Though she wouldn't tell us everything, she admitted to having written the following titles:

When I jokingly asked at the end of the interview, "You didn't write the Bible, did you?" Rowling gave a smile and responded, "Of course not! That was way before my time. But I did help with the first English translations."

Disclaimer: I've (sadly) never spoken with J.K. Rowling, and none of this is true. Please don't sue me Ms. Rowling, I'm, like, a huge fan.

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