21 Things Anyone Who Dreamed Of Being A Pro Skater Will Understand

    Not everyone had the skills to go pro (or get flow). But it was fun to dream.

    1. You remember the days when pants were huge and wheels were tiny.

    2. You spent hours at the skate shop debating which deck would be your next.

    3. These videos are what you watched before YouTube:

    4. You remember the heyday of puffy skate shoes...

    5. And when it all went wrong:

    6. You read these religiously.

    7. You had a surplus of skate brand T-shirts in your closet.

    8. You chuckled when you saw "aggressive inline skaters."

    9. You added your own designs on your grip tape to make your deck ~unique~.

    10. You thought Tony Hawk was superhuman when he hit that 900 at the 1999 X-Games.

    11. When you were at the mall, you went shopping here:

    12. You swore you were down with a skate crew.

    Yellow Spraypaint (Pissdrunx?) on Stone at Yellowstone Park as seen on Google Street View, 2014 #dollinwashere

    13. You were in awe of legends such as Mark Gonzales...

    14. You either thought Bam Margera was the coolest dude ever, or you thought he was the worst.

    15. You "practiced" your tricks on a Tech Deck fingerboard.

    16. You had a friend who swore he was the next Rodney Mullen.

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    "Yeah, sure go ahead and show me that darkslide you did the other day."

    17. You got excited whenever you passed by a famous skate spot.

    18. You remember when Ryan Sheckler looked liks this:

    19. Every time you saw Jason Lee, you took the opportunity to remind people that he was once a pro skater.

    20. You even *reluctantly* watched this movie.

    21. Eventually you realized that it was easier (and less painful) to pull off tricks in Tony Hawk.