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21 Questions Soccer Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

Watch a few games. And, you know, figure it out.

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1. "Why do the players dive like 90% of the time?"


2. "Why are there so many leagues? It's easier to follow one, like other sports."


3. "Why don't they score more goals? I would watch if they scored more often."

Why are touchdowns worth six points? Why do baseball players fail 70% of the time when batting?

4. "It's the 90th minute. Why don’t they end the game when time runs out?"

That's because time runs out when the referee decides it has run out.

5. "Why do they call it 'football' in England? There's nothing wrong with 'soccer.'"

Oh, maybe because they INVENTED it.

6. "Why don’t they make the net wider? They would score more."

Why don't they make football fields shorter?

7. "What’s the point of the offside rule? They're making it harder to score."

Why is there an "illegal defense" rule in basketball? Why does football have a line of scrimmage?

8. "That's it? The game ended in a draw? Why?"

Because both teams ended up with the same score at the end of the match.

9. "Why don't Ronaldo or Messi play in the U.S.?"

Right. You're having trouble following all those leagues.

10. "I hate soccer but I love playing FIFA."

That's not a question.

11. "Why don't referees stop the clock when there's a foul?"

Yes! Let's sacrifice the fluidity of the game for that precious game clock.

12. "Why are they only allowed three substitutions? They should be able to make more subs."

Tactics, man. Crazy concept, right?

13. "Those children that players walk out with – are they the players' kids?"

Yep, every pro soccer player is required to have a child before they can step onto a field.

14. "Why don’t leagues play a championship game? That makes no sense."

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Most don't, some do. Sounds crazy to reward a team for being the best throughout a whole season (and not just a few games) doesn't it!

15. "Why are there no commercials?"

Twitter: @LA_Fanatics

Why are you complaining?

16. "Why aren't there any time outs? I need to pee."

While you wish for time outs, we'll be happy knowing that nearly every match will only be two hours long.

17. "Which team should I root for? Pick for me."

Make peace with the offside rule and THEN pick a team, k?

18. "Why do Brazilians only have one name?"

Maybe you can ask Kobe, LeBron, Tiger, Shaq...

19. "Why do teams get bumped down to a lower division if they're in last place?"

Yeah, why give meaning to matches involving teams at the bottom of the standings.

20. "Why can’t they touch the ball with their hands?"

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Have you been paying attention AT ALL?

21. "When is soccer season over?"

It's NEVER over.

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