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    24 Times Nachos Proved They're The Only Friend You Need

    Chips & cheese? YES, please.

    These are nachos. The GREATEST INVENTION in Mexican food history (next to tacos).

    These glorious tortilla wedges smothered in cheese were invented in the early '40s by Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya.

    And they looked a little something like this:

    This is *rare* footage of Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya:

    Look closely at this nacho. Look closely and say sorry.

    1. They watched you blow out your candles on your birthday.

    Only a Mexican would have nachos as birthday cake...

    2. They shed a tear at your graduation ceremony.

    Nachos and San Antonio high school graduation. WHAT?!? That's how we do!!!!

    3. They shared their deepest secrets with you at sleepovers.

    Nachos and onesie time. Best sleepover eva

    4. They sweated it out with you at concerts, whether you were in general admission...

    Random grandma buys us nachos...can this concert get any better?!

    5. ... Or you had the best seat in the house.

    He ate nachos in the middle of a concert #22ReasonsWhyWeLoveLouis

    6. They were always down for movie night no matter which movie you picked.

    Me and my nachos at the movies with @eamcnulty. My diet is going very well thankyou ;)) #CatchingFire

    7. They sat down and played video games with you.

    8. They rooted for your favorite team.

    9. They didn't flake out on you during the holidays.

    Getting in that Christmas spirit with some red and green nachos #Festive

    10. They waited to watch the sunset with you at the beach.

    11. They sat down and had a few beers with you.

    I'm on vacation (I'll run later). My one three month splurge. Crab melt nachos and a blue moon. Delish!

    12. And they were there to comfort you when you were dealing with a hangover.

    Huge nachos with ALL the cheese makes this hangover so much better

    13. They made picnics with your BFFs so much fun.

    14. They totally kept their cool around celebrities.

    15. They were there for you on the most important day of your life.

    wedding game changer - nachos table at the reception #deliciousnachos

    16. They were excited to join you on your vacation.

    beer and nachos at the airport-officially on vacation.

    17. They were cool with hanging out at a fast food joint...

    18. ... A mom-and-pop spot...

    19. ... Or a fancy restaurant.

    20. They didn't care if you loved meat.

    21. Or decided to go vegan.

    22. They greeted you with a smile at the carnival.

    23. They were there in times of abundance...

    24. ... And those days when you barely had a penny to your name.

    Taste like welfare RT @THEDINGOJOHNSON: First meal of the new year, some homemade nachos

    So next time you're hanging out with nachos, make sure you give them your UNDIVIDED ATTENTION:

    K, guys, all together now. WE LOVE YOU, NACHOS.