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    16 "Mexican" Halloween Costumes You Should Think Twice About Wearing

    Or maybe think thrice if you still don't get it.

    These are Mexicans:

    A group of people with diverse phenotypic traits, ethnic backgrounds, and religious beliefs.

    This is not what Mexicans look like:

    1. "Zapata Mexican Outlaw Mask"

    2. "Hey Amigo"

    3. "Mexico Flag Dress"

    4. "Mexican Man"

    5. "Mexican Poncho"

    6. "Tequila Princess"

    7. "Tequila Shooter"

    8. "Mexican Sombrero and Serape"

    9. "Tequila Pop'N Dude"

    10. "Sexy Shooter"

    11. "Toddler Mexican Serape"

    12. "Ole Mexican Serape"

    13. "Sexy Bandita"

    14. "Taco"

    This is a Border Patrol officer detaining an undocumented immigrant:

    15. "Border Babe"

    16. "Border Patrol"