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16 "Mexican" Halloween Costumes You Should Think Twice About Wearing

Or maybe think thrice if you still don't get it.

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1. "Zapata Mexican Outlaw Mask"

Store description: "Our adult Zapata Mexican Outlaw Mask is an ideal accessory for creating a Mexican zombie, revolutionary or bandito costume."

Apparently, there's a very thin line between looking like a zombie and a revolutionary.


4. "Mexican Man"

Store description: "Salsa on into Halloween in the Mexican Man Adult Men's Costume. Start your own fiesta in this vibrantly striped poncho with hysterical black mustache."

You know, because Mexicans created salsa music.

5. "Mexican Poncho"

Store description: "Hey, it's the Frito Bandito! Complete your south-of-the-border look with this Mexican Poncho Adult Mens Costume!"

Hey, it's the Frito Bandito! A stereotypical cartoon mascot that Frito-Lay stopped using in 1971!

6. "Tequila Princess"

Store description: "Be the life of the party with this festive sexy Mexican shotgirl costume. Everyone will definitely want a taste of what you're pouring!"

Because every girl dreams about dressing as royalty from the majestic and intoxicating kingdom of Tequila.

7. "Tequila Shooter"

Store description: "So be a real party girl in this great Mexican costume which will have everyone flocking to you for their free shots! Just add a sombrero to complete this South American look, Ariba!"

South American? ::facepalm:: Oh, and you spelled "arriba" wrong.


9. "Tequila Pop'N Dude"

Store description: "Tequila shots, anyone? Turn every party into a fiesta when you are dressed as the Tequila Pop 'N Dude. Just remember, what happens at the fiesta STAYS at the fiesta."

Every party is technically a fiesta.

11. "Toddler Mexican Serape"

Store description: Dress your little amigo up in a south-of-the-border style with our Mexican Serape Costume!

Damn, little homie even brought out his baby huaraches for this one. That's commitment.


12. "Ole Mexican Serape"

Store description: "Take the fiesta wherever you go! Ole Mexican Serape features a rainbow of bright horizontal stripes over a traditional serape drape, with an opening for your head and a pull on design. Bottom fringe lends authenticity."

Bottom fringe lends authenticity. o_O

14. "Taco"

Store description: "Think inside the shell this Halloween in this Taco adult costume. This is the spiciest funny Halloween costume available north of the border..."

Ditch the hat and you could probably pull this off.