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25 Moments Every Mexican Soccer Fan Remembers All Too Well

¡Chiquitibum a la bim bom ba – eyyyy no fue penal!

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... It will inevitably be followed by a moment of agonizing heartbreak.

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¡No llores, broder! 2018 es nuestro año. Let's take a look at the ups and downs that have marked the moments of many fans of El Tri.

2. When Mexico missed the 1990 World Cup due to the "Cachirules" scandal.

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After fielding overage players in a U-20 tournament, Mexico was banned from international soccer for two years and missed the 1990 World Cup – and striker Hugo Sánchez missed a chance to play a World Cup during his prime.


3. When you thought Hugo Sánchez was coming in to save the day, but he stayed on the bench.

1994 World Cup: Mexico was tied 1-1 in extra time with Bulgaria in a Round of 16 match. When the game went into extra time, it looked like Mexico coach Miguel Mejía Barón was going to sub in Hugo Sánchez – the greatest player in Mexican history – to add more firepower to the team. Instead, often-stubborn Mejía Barón left Sánchez on the bench and...


9. When Mexico beat Brazil 4-3 to win the 1999 Confederations Cup.

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Sure, the tournament was hosted in Mexico, and Brazil played with a team full of youngsters, but one of them was a rising star named Ronaldinho.


11. When Mexico lost 2-0 to the United States in the Round of 16 of the 2002 World Cup.

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Landon Donovan cemented his place as a villain, and the phrase “Dos a cero” became a common taunt used by USMNT fans.


16. When two errors against Argentina cost Mexico dearly in a Round of 16 matchup at the 2010 World Cup.

After a heartbreaking elimination at the hands of Argentina during the 2006 World Cup, Mexico was looking for payback. Unfortunately, two mistakes ruined Mexico's shot at revenge. The first was a missed offside call from the assistant referee that led to a goal. The second was a giveaway by defender Ricardo Osorio that led to a second goal, and more importantly, the nail in the coffin for Mexico.


21. Except this goal:

Only 2 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses. Only 7 goals scored. Mexico would have been eliminated from the World Cup if not for USMNT forward Graham Zusi, who scored an equalizer against Panama that put Mexico through to a playoff versus New Zealand.

Now, you never want to hear "Chepo de la Torre" and "Mexico national team coach" in the same sentence again.