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This Is The New Meme All "Law And Order: SVU" Fans Need In Their Lives

Bless Christopher Meloni.

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"These are their stories" is a meme currently exploding on Tumblr.

It involves two things: a photo of Christopher Meloni in a hilarious pose and the caption "these are their stories."

And it is a gift to every single Law and Order: SVU fan....

...and fan of Chris Meloni in general.

There are so many in which the butt belonging to this dedicated detective is the true star.

So many.


Basically this many butts.

They have zero context.

Which naturally makes them even better.

There is this treasure.

And this one.

There is dancing...

...and stretching (?)...

...and wig-wearing...

...and more stretching...

...and stripping.

There is this, which you cannot unsee.

Elite squad is right.

No objections to this.

Definitely not to this.

Or this.

Maybe to this.

But the truly memorable one is perhaps this.

Or this.


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