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    The 50 Greatest Monica Geller Moments From "Friends"

    She's Monica. She's disgusting. She stalks guys and keeps their underpants.

    1. When she gave Rachel these words of wisdom:

    2. When she ate a sandwich before high school prom.

    3. When she visited Ross at college, went to a party, and danced like this:

    4. When she tried to seduce Chandler using carrots and a knife.

    5. When she met the fake Monica and briefly went by Monana.

    6. When she was a cradle snatcher.

    7. When she tried to help Chandler lose weight.

    8. When she decided to look for sperm donors.

    9. When she got super competitive playing football on Thanksgiving.

    10. When she was painfully honest with Richard after they started sleeping together again.

    11. When she had that unfortunate incident at the beach in Season 4.

    12. When she gave Ross a little taste of his own medicine.

    13. When she taught Chandler about women's erogenous zones.

    14. When she freaked out at Rachel after Rach incorrectly answered the lightning round question about Chandler's job.

    15. When she got a little carried away with Emily's wedding dress.

    16. When she initiated the hook up with Chandler in London.

    And then when she realized things were awkward post hookup.

    17. When she gave Chandler the go ahead to continue their relationship even though weren't in London anymore.

    18. When she tried to cheer up Chandler on Thanksgiving by putting a turkey on her head.

    19. When she imitated Chandler, who was gloating because Monica referred to him as the best sex she ever had.

    20. When she went to great lengths to keep secret her and Chandler's relationship.

    21. When she gave Chandler the most painful massage of his life.

    22. When she did this to try to get eye drops in Rachel's eyes:

    23. When she said yes to moving in with Chandler in a totally heart-melting way.

    24. When she did "The Routine" with Ross.

    25. When she refused to admit she was sick and tried to seduce Chandler.

    26. When she hypothetically lost her virginity to Chandler in The One That Could Have Been.

    And then said this:

    27. When Fat Monica danced like this:

    28. When she proposed to Chandler.

    29. When she got so excited after getting engaged that she literally shouted it from the rooftop.

    30. When she was protective of her thunder.

    31. When she tried to deconstruct Phoebe's grandmother's secret cookie recipe.

    32. When she tried to help Chandler look good in their engagement photos.

    33. When she made candy for the neighbors during the holidays.

    34. When she was drunk for her 30th birthday party and used lines like this:

    And this:

    35. When she tackled that girl Megan so she could get her dream wedding dress.

    36. When she opened all the wedding presents.

    37. When she bought boots not knowing that they would cause her extreme pain.

    38. When her secret closet was revealed.

    39. When she tried in vain to make everyone cry with her toast at her parents' 35th wedding anniversary.

    40. When she took an introductory cooking class.

    41. When she thought Chandler watched shark porn.

    42. When she didn't mess around when she and Chandler were trying to conceive.

    43. When she sang karaoke and didn't realize at first that everyone could see through her shirt.

    44. When she faced off against Mike in ping pong in Barbados.

    45. When she rocked this look:

    46. When she showed us how bad her British accent really was.

    47. When she realized that Ross was her first kiss ever.

    48. When she was a crazy wedding planner for Phoebe's wedding.

    49. Every single time she said this:

    50. And when she delivered the greatest comeback in all of "Friends" history.