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    Definitive Proof That Hillary Clinton's Emails Are Straight Out Of "Veep"

    "I heard on the radio that there is a Cabinet mtg this am. Is there?"

    When 3,000 pages of Hillary Clinton's emails were released on June 30, people immediately started to point out that the emails felt like something out of Veep.


    Hillary Clinton emails read like a #veep script

    @RosieGray Was this from the show Veep?

    the Hillary Clinton emails are literally the voice memo plot from Veep.

    And they're right. First off, the whole situation eerily ~mirrors~ that time Selina released her own emails.

    And the similarities between Clinton's emails and specific Veep moments are hilariously strong. For example, this one on meetings...

    The State Department peak Veep.



    And this one on the serious difficulties of mastering Internet colloquialisms...

    The State Department basically this:

    ...and this:

    This one practically screams one thing...

    The State Department

    ...and that thing is Gary.

    HBO / Via

    Undoubtedly Gary.

    And let's look at this one on the nature of democracy...

    The State Department / Via Twitter: @katherinemiller

    ...because Veep definitely feels the pain.


    And this one on phone calls...

    The State Department / Via

    ...because Selina totally knows the felling.

    This other one on meetings...

    The State Department 100% this...

    HBO / Via

    ...and 1000% this:

    Barbara Mikulski's email on the "logistics of being a woman" and the difficulties that go along with that...

    The State Department / Via

    ...clearly echo Selina's sentiments.

    This little message of flattery...

    The State Department

    ...brings to mind this little Veep pep talk.

    And we all know this one on fax messages...

    The State Department / Via the voice memo situation that made us laugh so hard.


    But the one area where things really diverge? Apples. HRC is all about 'em.

    The State Department

    Selina says fuck 'em.

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