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33 Signs You Are Definitely Obsessed With "Scandal"

Are we gladiators, or are we b*****s? You already know the answer.

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10. You have developed your own Scandal drinking game, and it is quite fantastic.

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Sip at every mention of "white hat," "leader of the free world," "B-613," and David Rosen wise crack. Gulp if there's a Cyrus Beene rant or if Jake appears shirtless. Finish your drink if Drunk Mellie appears. Or, you know, something like that.

12. Which makes this really wonderful.


15. And you know that no matter what show you watch, no character will ever compare to the total gem that is Drunk Mellie.

You are also regularly outraged that Bellamy Young has not received an Emmy nomination for her OUTSTANDING work on this show.


17. Or that an instrumental song would cause you to feel so many emotions.

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You probably need *one minute* to compose yourself if you've chosen to listen to this.

19. In fact, it's impossible for you to listen to certain songs without being reminded of specific moments on Scandal.


"I Don't Know Why" will always make you think of Liv, Fitz, and a server-room encounter.


26. You know that Cyrus Beene's rants are the stuff of legends.

27. And on the topic of Cyrus, you appreciate the genius that is this...

Well now we know where Cyrus writes down his terrifying to-do lists. @jscandalp #Scandal well as this.

31. And for you, watching Scandal is not just about watching an hour-long show on Thursday night. It's about an ENTIRE EVENT.


Live tweeting, enduring an array of emotions, analyzing the episode, talking predictions: all in a night's work for ya.

32. Which makes any type of hiatus so difficult because you have no idea what to do with yourself.

33. But it's OK because most importantly, you know that as a Scandal fan, you are in damn good company.

Yes, Mindy. Yes.

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