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29 Reasons Leslie Knope And Ben Wyatt Are The Most Perfect Fictional Couple Around

I love you and I like you.

1. One of the best parts of the glorious Leslie-Ben union is that we got to watch their relationship progress. Leslie initially *really* hated Ben, his "callous attitude," and his budget cuts...

2. ...but then Ben's douchebag vibe and Leslie's iciness *slowly* disappeared, and they warmed up to each other. And when this happened at the Freddy Spaghetti concert, you KNEW this relationship was going places.

That look sealed the deal.

3. And over the first few episodes of season three, as things started ~blossoming,~ you could see the hints of them becoming more than friends.

Like when Ben brought Leslie waffles. And when they did their lil handshake thing at the Harvest Festival.

4. Watching their awkward/adorable sexual tension was (and still is) SO good.

5. And you were rooting for them so hard through the whole "I really like him but he's my boss so we can't" thing.


6. The moment Leslie finally decided to go for it was the most magical thing...

7. ...while THIS happening was one giant YASSSS.

8. And when they reunited after breaking up for a bit, everything on the show (and in the world) felt right once again.

9. One of the greatest things about them is that they fully embrace and love each other's nerdy qualities and passions.

10. They indulge each other's fantasies with gusto.

11. They also support each other through everything, even if that means breaking up so one of them can run for office...

...or encouraging the other person to follow a dream, even if that means doing the long-distance thing for a bit.

12. And they believe in each other 100%, which makes YOU love them even more and want to cheer them on through every challenge.

13. And while they've faced loads of challenges (an ethics investigation, a tough campaign, a recall vote), they consistently crush 'em.

14. Perhaps because they're such equal partners in everything, yes?

15. The fact that they role play as political figures is just so perfect.

16. Because watching Leslie obsess over and love Ben's butt is presh.

17. And because an iMovie commemorating their first hook up exists.

18. Because this proposal was EVERYTHING.

Who else gets emotional at, “Oh my god, what are you doing?”

19. As was their wedding.

20. As was this.

21. Because this:

22. Because they're wonderful even when they're fighting.

23. And they're especially wonderful when they're drunk.

24. Their little glances and displays of affection melt your heart. Every. Single Time.

25. Same with the way Ben looks at Leslie.

26. Because they say stuff like this.

27. And stuff like this.

Whaaaaat. *high five*

28. They truly get each other, 'cuz Ben knows exactly what Leslie wants...

...while Leslie knows exactly what Ben wants.

29. And you'd be hard-pressed to find two people who respect and appreciate each other as much as they do.

I think we all know the answer here.


Leslie + Ben 4eva.