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26 Reasons "The Mindy Project's" Peter Prentice Is Basically Perfect

"As you can see right there, I am Dartmouth undergrad and Dartmouth medical, so I have double Ds."

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1. Bro looks (and sounds) good on him:

Fox / Via

Peter Prentice: Child of A-Bro-Ham.

2. He lives his life without regrets.

Fox / Via

3. He not only is well-versed in women's fashion, but also gives excellent fashion advice.

4. And his fashion is on point as well. From his argyle sweaters... his plaid button downs... his sweater-blazer combos, he always looks preppy and ~fresh.~

5. And let's not forget that he can pull of a tiara when he has to.

Fox / Via

Lauren, do you even KNOW what you're missing?

6. His rating system for girls is clearly A+...

Fox / Via

7. are his pop culture references.

8. He's a wordsmith.

9. He is always looking out for his bbs.

10. His relationship with Mindy is really adorable.

Fox / Via

Mindy started out hating the dude (understandably), but now their "sometimes hate ya but really love ya" thing is so presh.

11. And he's always helping Mindy out with relationship stuff. Like giving her encouragement to take initiative with guys...

Fox / Via

12. ...and defending her when that relationship goes very, very wrong.

Fox / Via

13. Or fake flirting with her to make Danny jeal.

Fox / Via

*2 seconds later: chair collapse.*

14. Food is one of his main loves and simultaneously, his weakness.

15. He is completely self-aware.

Mmm...kinda. But you're really hilarious, have excellent bedside manner, and are a pretty good friend, so it's ok.

16. His flirting game via text is STRONG.

Fox / Via

"Are you kidding me? A winky face? That's like emoji porn."

17. He has this whole honesty thing down pat, sometimes to the point of TMI.

18. In need of a confidence boost? Peter's gotchu.

Fox / Via

"Or at least someone fun...probably gay."

19. In fact, he gives fantastic lil pep talks both to himself...

Fox / Via

Oh dear god.

...and other people (especially concerning matters of the heart).

Fox / Via

20. And he figured out Mindy and Danny because he knows his peeps so well.

21. Because, um, his butt.

22. Because some of the most hilarious lines on the show are c/o Peter.


Fox / Via

Also dead.

23. Because this happened, and it was wonderful.

24. Same with this.

25. Because his dance moves, obviously.

Hey, Mr. Wedding.

26. And because in some ways, you are kinda him.

Fox / Via

Every day at work.

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