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24 Reasons "Even Stevens" Was The Best Thing To Happen To The Disney Channel

Back then, Louis and Ren were all you needed.

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12. But while Ren and Louis were the true stars, let's not forget about Donnie, who was a great (if slightly one dimensional) character in his own right.

13. And we had Mrs. Stevens, who was a great role model. She was a State Senator who was all about female empowerment.

18. One word: BEANS.


"Beans is like that policeman in Terminator 2. You know who I'm talking about? I swear, he goes liquid. He can fit through cracks in windows, under doors, through little keyholes."

19. And on the topic of Beans, when it came to cultural trends, this show was way ahead of the game.

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Before everyone and their mom was declaring their love for bacon, Beans was all over it.

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"Sixth Period, sixth period, sixth perioooood. Sixth period is drawing near, to ruin my junior high career. That test run by Tugnut is gonna kick my butt. Oh how you fill my heart with dread. Sixth period."

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