22 Times Julia Louis-Dreyfus Was The Queen Of Awards Shows

JLD was killing it even before she kissed Bryan Cranston.

1. When, at the 2014 Golden Globes, she was nominated in both the film and television categories, choose to sit in the film section, and then got called out by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler…






2. And when she brilliantly and hilariously responded to that by smoking an e-cigarette.

NBC / Via elitedaily.com

3. And rejecting Reese Witherspoon’s attempt to take a selfie:

NBC / Via digg.tumblr.com

4. When she chowed down on a hot dog at the same award show:

NBC / Via styleit.com

5. And when she got called a phony and reacted adorably:


6. When she celebrated her victory like a champ:

Moët. Classy.

7. When she won an Emmy 2 years ago and did a little speech switcheroo with fellow queen (and nominee) Amy Poehler:

8. Which led to this:




“The last thing written here, I’m so sorry: ‘Lastly, isn’t it a shame that Amy Poehler didn’t win…’ What??”

9. When she won an Emmy last year and incorporated Tony Hale’s Veep character into her speech:

He took her clutch.

Yahoo / Via giphy.com

He held it the whole time she was giving her speech.

CBS / Via rebloggy.com

And quietly reminded her to thank her family.

Yahoo / Via giphy.com

And to say that she loved them.

11. When a member of the press asked her where she was going to put her Emmy and this is what she said:

CBS / Via rebloggy.com

12. When she perfectly shot down this request:

13. When she spoke the truth about walking down the red carpet:

TNT / Via rebloggy.com

14. When she won a SAG award and incorporated Matt Walsh’s oftentimes idiotic and fumbling Veep character into her speech:

TNT / Via rebloggy.com

intentional (and comedically brilliant) whoops…

15. And then wrapped up Mike McClintock’s snafu in an amazing fashion:


16. This year, when her comedic genius was at work even BEFORE the actual Emmys:

17. When she was real about the pre-show glam process:

Hey, girl.

18. And, when at the Emmys, she called it like she saw it, Part I:

NBC / Via mashable.com

19. When she called it like she saw it, Part II:

20. And when THIS HAPPENED when she walked up to accept her award:

21. And when she summed up the glorious Elaine Benes-Tim Whatley reunion perfectly:

NBC / Via plotek.pl

22. When this is how she thanked her fans:


Keep being flawless, girl.

Mike Blake / Reuters

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